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Oct 26 – Medicare – Crisis Summit for Seniors

Raybould Campaign to Host Crisis Summit for Seniors in Omaha

Leader McConnell and Senator Fischer Ready to Slash Social Security & Medicare. Raybould: We Must Act Now.

A vote for Senator Fischer is a vote to kill retirement.” The fate of Social Security and Medicare are directly tied to the election on November 6. 

LINCOLN, NE – In response to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s outrageous comments calling for the slashing of Social Security and the complete disruption of Medicare, hail mary attempts to address the ballooning deficit he and Senator Fischer created, Jane Raybould is organizing a “Crisis Summit for Seniors” to build a coalition and organize efforts to stop the shredding of the social safety net.

“Aging Nebraskans, whether they depend on this programs today or will depend on them in the near future, have every right to be alarmed and incredibly upset. Leader McConnell and Senator Fischer have given us yet another peak behind-the-curtain of their plan to give the wealthiest individuals and huge multinational corporations a tax cut while crushing the middle class and anyone hoping to retire with dignity,” said US Senate candidate Jane Raybould.

She added, “If you are among the one-percent of Nebraskans who will never have to worry about saving for retirement or making ends meet in the face of exorbitant health care costs, then you have no reason to worry. To everyone else and to those who know and love the rest of Nebraska’s population: We must act now. The fate of Social Security and Medicare are directly tied to the election on November 6. A vote for Senator Fischer is a vote to kill retirement.”

Raybould has made the protection of Social Security and Medicare a centerpiece of her campaign. As Nebraska’s next U.S. Senator, Raybould is committed to fighting Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s attack on the programs that allow Nebraskans to retire with dignity.

The event will be held in Omaha on Friday, October 26. Time and location forthcoming.


Media contact: Brandon Weathersby

Lincoln 55+ and OLLI in 2007

Hello from the Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper,

OLLI – Osher Life Long Learning – has been just a great success. In the last months of a 3 year grant, OLLI had 304 members with a long term goal of reaching 500 members. Meeting this goal would earn a $1 Million endowment to help educate Seniors in Lincoln NE..On March 1st, 2007, with publication of a 4 page, color ad in the spring issue of the Lincoln 55+ Senior Paper, our membership jumped in just 6 weeks to 447. After the next 4-page ad in the summer issue, we reached 537 – well beyond the “long-term goal.”  After the membership year ended, we dropped back to 440 members but surged forward again after the Fall 2007 ads – to 650 members. So – in 10 months, OLLI membership rose from 304 to 650. Wow. And yes! We did get that 1st $Million endowment.

OLLI board members carried 1200-1500 papers (of 12,000 total) to their friends and neighbors and doctors offices for each issue. Offering the 55+ Paper became a method for starting a conversation about OLLI.  The Lincoln 55+ is proud of the the 12 years relationship with OLLI. in 2018, we are over 1400 members and now have a second endowment in hand. A million here and an million there adds up.

OLLI Rocks.

Oct – Three activities sponsored by Wachiska Audubon

  1. Fall 2019 Birdseed Sale.  Order deadline with payment due September 27.  Order form at or call office at 402-486-4846.  Seed pickup during listed times, October 5-6 at 14th & Arapahoe Sts. (between Van Dorn & Hwy. 2).
  2. Thursday, October 11, 7:00 pm – FREE  “Pollinators, Plants, and People: What We Can Do for Each Other” presented by RaeAnn Powers, NRCS and Xerces Society.   Lincoln Unitarian Church, 6300 A St.  Refreshments follow.  Parking is free, with overflow parking in Pius High lot across the street to the west.  For information: or 402-486-4846.
  3. Saturday, October 13, 8:00 am – FREE  “Salt Marsh Surprises” field trip to Little Salt Fork Marsh Preserve.  See unique species found in rare remaining saline wetlands.  Public is welcome.  Preserve is 5 miles north of Lincoln.  Meet at 8 am in parking lot, half mile west of N. 1st St. and Raymond Rd. intersection.  Recommend mosquito-proof clothing and insect repellent.  Bring water bottle; and binoculars and waterproof footwear, if available.  Questions:  John 402-475-7275.

There are the 7 Types of Love –

 We all seem to crave a romantic love, but few of us realize that it is far from being timeless and universal. Romantic love, rather, is a modern construct, one that emerged in tandem with what we read in novels. But there are many other ways to love, not all of which are consistent or consonant with romantic love. By preoccupying ourselves with romantic love, we tend to neglect other types of love that tend to be more accessible and that may, in the long term prove more healing and fulfilling. Here are seven types of love which are loosely based on classical readings, especially of Plato and Aristotle, and on J.A. Lee’s 1973 book Colors of Love.  Click to learn more

1. Eros
2. Philia
3. Storge
4. Agape
5. Ludus
6. Pragma
7. Philautia

9 Questions That Will Help Strengthen Your Relationship

Read Full text at the link.

Dr. Susan Edelman is a psychiatrist and associate professor of sociology at Stanford University who, like many others, believes that communication is the key to a long and stable relationship. What distinguishes her from other experts in this field is her focus on questions and not just any…

Dr. Edelman argues that not every type of conversation and any kind of question contributes to strengthening the relationship because it is not always easy to explore sensitive topics in depth or to find out what our partners think without being perceived as snooping or critical. She, therefore, suggests using the 9 questions below, which will help you get to know your partner in depth and make it easy for them to open up to you. If you use them regularly and adjust the way you relate to the spirit of these questions, you will have a strong relationship in which you can talk about everything and raise important issues without fear.

1. What do you find hard to share with me?
2. What are the five things that you’re happiest for right now?
3. How do you see our relationship?
4. How’s your relationship with your family?
5. What achievement made you feel proud?
6. What is your worst memory?
7. What would you change about yourself?
8. What was the last thing you cried about?
9. What does your perfect day look like?

full text —>

Shoes for Kids

School Bus
It’s almost time for our kiddos to return back to school and we need your help.
We are once again providing new shoes to send very deserving kids back to school in style and with confidence.
Do you remember how excited you were going back to school, with your new kicks?
I’m asking you to give those same great memories to our kids.
Last year we donated over 300 pairs of new shoes!! Help us reach our goal of giving 600 pairs of shoes to kids this year!!!
Click on the button below to donate $25 for 1 new pair of shoes. Your gift is truly life changing.
Thank you,
Kimberly Goins,
Executive Director


The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department invites the public to help paint bridges at Union Plaza, 21st and “Q” streets, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., Saturday July 21.  Volunteers will meet at the parking lot near the Assurity overlook, north of N. 21st and “Q” streets.

Registration is not required, but volunteers may register in advance by emailing or visiting  New volunteers are asked to complete the volunteer application form at this site.

Supplies will be provided. Participants should dress for the weather, wear comfortable shoes, and wear clothes that they do not mind getting dirty.  If weather causes a postponement, registered participants will be notified of the rain date. The volunteer event is part of the 2018 VIP (Volunteer in Parks) Saturday series. Upcoming events include:

  • August 18, 8 to 11 a.m., location and activity to be determined
  • September 22, 8 to 11 a.m., Bea Richmond Park, pulling weeds and garden maintenance
  • October 27, 9 a.m. to noon, location and activity to be determined

For more information about Lincoln Parks and Recreation, visit

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