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Using cash to travel may soon be obsolete – by Steve Glenn

This past weekend I was in New York City and was surprised that two shops we visited did not accept CASH! Usually, I hear retailers say they don’t accept credit cards as they don’t want to pay the fees to accept them. When I visited an ice cream shop on Friday night and the person behind the register said “Sorry, we don’t accept CASH,” my jaw dropped. When I thought through the process for a while it made more sense. If a store does not accept cash, they don’t have to worry about A) Being robbed as they have no cash. B) Having employees stick cash sales in their pocket without ringing it through the cash register. This all points to how fast the business world is changing toward a cashless society. Ironically with all the new disruptive technology, I think that in the next 3 years we will move from credit cards to the next form of electronic payment that is blockchain or cryptocurrency based.

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Live Well Go Fish Nets $6,690.55

Live Well Go Fish

We help seniors, youth, veterans, and people with disabilities experience the fun of boating, fishing, kite flying, and bird watching aboard a wheelchair accessible pontoon boat.


Elevated Roundabout in Lincoln NE

Engineers have tweaked the design for a planned elevated roundabout at the southwestern Lincoln bottleneck of 14th Street, Old Cheney Road and Warlick Boulevard, providing drivers a better view of approaching traffic, beautifying the concrete walls and adding an underpass for cyclists and pedestrians on the Rock Island Trail.
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Multigenerational Travel: Tips for Seniors and Their Families

Posted On 11 May 2018 By : 
Although it can come with its challenges, multigenerational travel is well worth the effort. This type of travel gives you the opportunity to create lifelong memories with your family and leave a lasting legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Multigenerational Travel: Tips for Seniors and Their Families

Read our multigenerational travel tips for seniors and their families.

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Senior-Friendly Travel Destinations

Posted On 03 Apr 2017

Senior Friendly Travel Destinations

These popular travel destinations have all these senior-friendly considerations, and more.

Important Considerations for Senior Travel

When looking for a senior-friendly travel destination, the following are important considerations:

  • Access to amenities
  • Access to a doctor, if needed
  • Accessibility for seniors with limited mobility
  • English-speaking destinations (especially important should you need medical advice, prescriptions, etc…)

For locations, click here.

7 Tips for Safe Travel with Seniors

Posted On 07 Jul 2017 By : 

Discover how a little extra preparation and knowledge of senior travel benefits can make your traveling experience with your senior loved one enjoyable and worry-free.7 Tips for Safe Travel with Seniors

How to Travel with Seniors: Tips for a Unique Experience for Everyone

Here are a few tips to help make your travel exploration a good experience:

1. Get Appropriate Vaccinations

2. Travel with Medications

3. Request Assistance in the Airport

4. Enjoy Eased Security Restrictions

5. Request Airplane Boarding Assistance

6. Travel Judiciously to Prevent Injury

7. Inquire About Airfare Discounts

So seize the day and start creating great memories with your aging loved one, even if you have to make frequent bathroom stops. Just remember to have fun as he or she won’t be around forever!

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OLLI – Flatwater Shakespeare Company Presents: “The Tempest”

Shakespeare's "The Tempest"
Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

The Flatwater Shakespeare Company will present William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” one of the first English tragic comedies. You are invited to see the production and then participate in a talk back session with actors and others from the Company.

Come with us to an enchanted island where Prospero, a sorcerer and the rightful Duke of Milan, and his daughter Miranda have been marooned for twelve years. When Prospero discovers that his old enemies are sailing near the island, he creates a storm to wreck the ship. The survivors, including young Ferdinand who catches Miranda’s eye, make it to shore only to fall prey to Prospero’s machinations.

Register for only one performance.
Event Days/Dates:
18532EV – Sun, Jun 10
18533EV – Thu, June 14
Registration Deadline: Fri, June 1
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: The Stables at Wyuka Cemetery
Cost: $15. Cancellation after the registration deadline date will be non-refundable

Register Online:

Register by telephone: 402-472-6265
Please have your credit card handy.


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