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May 23 – Class – FACEBOOK 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why?

FACEBOOK 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Tuesday, May 23, 5:00 p.m. by Diane Siefkes, dkSolutions

4735 South 54th Street 

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Social Media Etiquette for Seniors

What are older adults doing online? They’re using social media platforms to: Reconnect with long lost friends and relatives Stay in touch with children and grandchildren Talk to family and friends who live far away Find new hobbies and learn about new interests Talk to like-minded people See and share pictures of their children and grandchildren. 5 Rules of Social Media Etiquette, Read More at the Source: Social Media Etiquette for Seniors

5. Finer Points of Internet Etiquette
You may or may not know that:

  • Writing with CAPS LOCK ON means you’re yelling at someone.
  • Emoji’s (small pictures that express an emotion) are used to show how you’re feeling and can replace words. But if you misuse or overuse them your meaning can be confusing, lost or misinterpreted.
  • Hashtags (a # symbol) are used to categorize and tag pictures and posts so that they can be found again. Misusing or overusing them can be annoying and can make future searches difficult.
  • Tagging someone in a picture (or a post about an event) should only be done when the person is actually in the picture or at the event you’re discussing – and again, don’t overshare information. Make sure the person will be okay with being tagged first.

About the Author – Kimberley Fowler is a writer and editor dedicated to improving seniors’ lives through education, activism, volunteerism and community programs.

How to Fix the 10 Most Common Computer Problems

How to Fix the 10 Most Common Computer Problems | Computers & Internet – BabaMail

Source: How to Fix the 10 Most Common Computer Problems | Computers & Internet – BabaMail

10 Websites for Learning Amazing New Skills

Source: 10 Websites for Learning Amazing New Skills | Computers & Internet – BabaMail

10 Websites for Learning Amazing New Skills

We have collected a list of some of the best websites that can teach you a new skill…entirely for free. Simply click on the links or pictures to be taken directly to the sites where you can find out more. Now there is really no excuse not to get your learning cap on and see if you can pick up a new hobby, no matter how old you are!

  1. Learn a New Language – Duo Lingo
  2. Learn to Type Quickly – Type Fu
  3. Become a Photographer – Udemy
  4. Take a Psychology Course – Masters In Psychology Guide
  5. Learn How To Knit – Instructables Knitting Courses
  6. Improve Your Memory – Kwik Learning
  7. Learn How to Draw – Draw Space
  8. Learn How To Meditate – Online Meditation
  9. Learn How to Invest in Stocks – Investopedia
  10. Learn…Pretty Much Anything – Academic Earth


Academic Earth was established according to the principle that ‘everyone deserves access to world class education’. The site collects together the best free online college and university courses from around the world, all available to browse via an easy three-point search mechanism. Whether you want to explore a new topic or improve your understanding of one you already know a little bit about, this fantastic resource will have something for you.

Answers for Caregivers Webinar

Answers for Caregivers Webinar


Free Webinar from Tabitha: Answers for Caregivers
Caring for Your Aging Parents is Overwhelming…It Doesn’t Have to Be.
You’ve got nothing to lose. Answers for Caregivers is available at no cost. Sign-up today!
The answers start with a click. Tabitha’s new webinarAnswers for Caregivers gives you a step-by-step plan towards helping your parents age with grace.
When you sign up for the FREE one-hour webinar, you’ll gain:
—Tips for avoiding stress of caring for an aging loved one
—Expert advice from those who have “been there”
—A road map of putting together a healthcare plan and next steps for your loved one’s aging journey
—Your questions answered in our LIVE Q and A with Tabitha’s aging experts
Upcoming Answers for Caregivers Live Sessions: 
—Friday, January 20, noon, CST
—Thursday, February 2, 7 p.m., CST
—Tuesday, February 7, 7 p.m., CST

Source: Answers for Caregivers Webinar

17 Very Useful Android tips for Beginners | Computers & Internet – BabaMail

This is more advanced than a beginner but I found some great items. Here’s one. -keith

Are you getting annoyed by app notifications that just keep on coming? If you are, and want to turn them off, here’s how:

  • Long press on the unwanted notification in question.
  • Tap App Info > Untick Show Notifications > OK.

Android is a great addition to the modern cell phone, but it can be a little daunting and complex to the newcomer. Therefore, here are 20 really useful Android tips.

Source: 17 Very Useful Android tips for Beginners | Computers & Internet – BabaMail

Here’s How to Study 1000s of Courses for Free! | Computers & Internet – BabaMail


7 Free Online Education Websites

Nothing makes me feel more alive than learning something new. Every day, by investigating subjects I don’t know enough about, I give myself a shot of childlike wonder. Thanks to the internet, there is now a great wealth of information available at our fingertips, and we are not restricted by age or even by wealth. That’s why it was so easy for me to put together this great list of 7 high quality online education websites that are all totally free. Consider donating a small portion of your time to these sites every day – it’ll do wonders for your mind!

Source: Here’s How to Study 1000s of Courses for Free! | Computers & Internet – BabaMail

In Brief

1. Open Culture Online Courses
2. Academic Earth
3. edX
4. University of the People
5. TED-Ed
6. Сoursera
7. Khan Academy

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