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Lincoln Nebraska Solar Eclipse

Definitive 10 minutes video for safe viewing.

Total Solar Eclipse

Witness a once in a lifetime experience right here in Lincoln
on Monday, August 21, 2017.
A total eclipse of the sun occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on the Earth’s surface. This is a very rare event, the last time it happened in (what is now) Lincoln, Nebraska, was in the year 1442, 575 years ago. The next total eclipse of the sun (in Lincoln) will be 628 years from now, in 2645.
Starting about 11:37 am on August 21, 2017, the moon will begin to cover the sun. This is a partial eclipse. A little past 1:02 pm, the sun will totally disappear behind the moon, this is when the total eclipse occurs. During totality, it will get dark, and birds might begin to roost. In the sky, we will be able to see wispy structures around the moon, this is the solar corona, the sun’s atmosphere, and is only visible during a total solar eclipse. The total eclipse will end around 1:04 pm, and the moon will completely leave the sun (the partial eclipse ends) at 2:30 pm.
Lincoln is on the northern edge of the path of totality. The farther south and west that you are located in the city, the longer the eclipse. At home, at a park, or on break from work, find a comfortable spot and enjoy!
To safely view the eclipse you MUST use protective eye wear, regular sunglasses WILL NOT protect your eyes. NEVER look directly at the sun. Eclipse viewing glasses can be purchased from the Nature Center gift shop. Limited quantities are available.
For more information about how to protect your eyes, proper viewing, where to view, and other facts,
Other Eclipse Activities in Lincoln:
Other helpful information and events can be found through the Lincoln Convention and Visitor Bureau here:
Pioneers Park Nature Center | 402.441.7895 |
The mission of the Pioneers Park Nature Center is to interpret the natural history of Nebraska and the central great plains; to promote the enjoyment, appreciation and awareness of our natural environment; to practice and foster a conservation ethic;and to provide a sanctuary for wildlife and a peaceful retreat for people.

10 Websites for Learning Amazing New Skills

Source: 10 Websites for Learning Amazing New Skills | Computers & Internet – BabaMail

10 Websites for Learning Amazing New Skills

We have collected a list of some of the best websites that can teach you a new skill…entirely for free. Simply click on the links or pictures to be taken directly to the sites where you can find out more. Now there is really no excuse not to get your learning cap on and see if you can pick up a new hobby, no matter how old you are!

  1. Learn a New Language – Duo Lingo
  2. Learn to Type Quickly – Type Fu
  3. Become a Photographer – Udemy
  4. Take a Psychology Course – Masters In Psychology Guide
  5. Learn How To Knit – Instructables Knitting Courses
  6. Improve Your Memory – Kwik Learning
  7. Learn How to Draw – Draw Space
  8. Learn How To Meditate – Online Meditation
  9. Learn How to Invest in Stocks – Investopedia
  10. Learn…Pretty Much Anything – Academic Earth


Academic Earth was established according to the principle that ‘everyone deserves access to world class education’. The site collects together the best free online college and university courses from around the world, all available to browse via an easy three-point search mechanism. Whether you want to explore a new topic or improve your understanding of one you already know a little bit about, this fantastic resource will have something for you.

Art – History Museum Celebrates Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial

I have seen this collection and it is a Must See for anyone living in Nebraska for more than 10 years. – keith …..

In celebration of 150 years of Nebraska’s statehood, the Nebraska History Museum will display over 120 paintings in an exhibition titled “The Legacy of Nebraska.” The paintings, done by Nebraskan artist Todd Williams, will represent each of Nebraska’s counties.

The works vary in size and subject; from the state capitol building to portraits of Native American chiefs.

Williams, a native of Central City, used various methods and inspirations to complete the paintings.

“Some of them are plein air, [which means] he painted them out in the outdoors,” said Ann Billesbach, associate director of the Nebraska State Historical Society. “Some of them are painted from historic photographs. There are a few counties where he did more than one but there’s at least one from every Nebraska county.”

“The Legacy of Nebraska” is an official part of Nebraska’s 150 celebration and has been in the making for years.

Billesbach said the planning committee for the sesquicentennial also plans on making a book with all the paintings displayed in the exhibition.

The paintings will be shown at the Lincoln museum from March 1 to June 4, then the exhibit’s entirety will move to Omaha and Grand Island with smaller curated exhibits being shown in smaller Nebraskan towns.


Source: Downtown Lincoln Association : News Stories : History Museum Celebrates Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial


When:  January 27th FOURTH Friday 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Where:  Gallery is located on the walls of Out of the Box,
366 N. 48th ST. Lincoln, NE. * Lower Level Entrance.  
Please join us with some exciting new artwork. Enjoy wine, appetizers & visit with the artists.
Featured Artists will be: Jan Blank, Jane Chesnut, Janet Fraley, Rita Holland, Donna Pozehl, & Will Rennick.
Music: August Moon
Phone 402-817-6776, Store Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday – 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. like us on Facebook Out of the Box Out of the Box, 366 N. 48th Street Lincoln, NE.
There will be some creative gift tables filled with a variety of jewelry, coasters, paintings, and so much more, many items will be under $40.00.
OUT OF THE BOX is offering a new, alternative way to shop for high-end, high-quality building products at very affordable prices. The products are primarily recycled from custom high-end homes which have been remodeled or renovated in Vail, Aspen and Denver.

Source: Lincoln Artists’ Guild

Extraordinary full-length shot of the ‘President’: one of the largest trees on Earth | Daily Mail Online

This 3,200-year-old tree is so huge it took 126 photos to show it all. See image

  • Tree in Nevada’s Sequoia National Park is 3,200 years old and 247 feet tall
  • National Geographic captured full-length shot using innovative technique
  • Judged on mass, the ‘President’ is ‘likely the biggest’ tree on the planet

Source: Extraordinary full-length shot of the ‘President’: one of the largest trees on Earth | Daily Mail Online

“Think about it.!” – YouTube

At 8 minutes in, Jane Godall gets a big goodbye hug from a gorilla being released. Great imagery thoughout. Source: “Think about it.!” – YouTube

The World’s Most Beautiful Bridges! | Design & Photography – BabaMail

There is no doubt that bridges add a special flair to their locations. Here are 10 of the world’s most beautiful bridges!

For images and details go to the -Source: The World’s Most Beautiful Bridges! | Design & Photography – BabaMail


I have been to several – keith —->

yes – 1. Tower Bridge
2. Chengyang Bridge, Sanjiang County, China
yes – 3. The Pont du Gard
yes – 4. The Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy
yes – 5. Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy
yes – 6. Brooklyn Bridge
7. Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Area, Singapore
8. Millau Viaduct Bridge, Midi-P Pyrénées, France
9. Khaju Bridge, Isfahan, Iran
yes – 10. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA


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