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Wed. Jan 24 – How to Live Spiritually Every Moment of Your Life!

I got this invitation and am sharing. -Keith

WHAT: You are invited to join us for an Intro Talk on “How to Live Spiritually Every Moment of Your Life!”
WHERE: Scooters in the Haymarket, 151 North 8th St. Lincoln
WHEN: Wednesday, January 24th at 7pm 
WHO: Everyone is welcome!
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– I would like to invite you to a special Intro Talk titled, “How to Live Spiritually Every Moment of Your Life!” on Wednesday January 24th at 7pm at Scooters in the HayMarket. Please come and invite anyone who may be ready for a spiritual adventure!

We are going to discuss…
What is spirituality?
What does spiritual life mean to you?
How do we know we are living a spiritual life?
What are the steps to a spiritual life?
Are there hints that enables us to live spiritually despite the tension of living.
NOTE: The golden coin to living a joyful, loving and tension free life is HU, the love song to GOD.

Do you have questions about your spiritual journey, or do you just want to share the company of fellow seekers? Please join us.

Please forward this invitation to anyone you think may be interested in joining us.

A Year of Shakespeare Quotes and Translations

I love this daily email with translations for Shakespeare.

You may want to sign up. This is particularly fine. -keith

Sonnet 33 – Lines 1-4

Full many a glorious morning have I seen
Flatter the mountain tops with sovereign eye,
Kissing with golden face the meadows green,
Gilding pale streams with heavenly alchemy. . . .



have witnessed many brilliant mornings as the sun makes the mountain peaks more beautiful with its regal stare, kissing the verdant meadows with its dazzling face and making dim streams golden with its heavenly chemistry.

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9 Compliments to Share with Your Partner!

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The following 9 compliments don’t require any special effort, but their impact on your partner will be enormous and can benefit your relationship in a way that large gestures never could. Start memorizing these simple words, and you’ll be able to see their power and influence on you and your partner.


1. “You did a good job”


2. “You make me smile”

3. “You are an amazing parent”

4. “You are good-hearted”



5. “You are special to me”

7. “My friends love to hang out with you”


8. “I feel at peace with you”


9. “Thank you”


Leirion for Lincoln · Year in Review 2017

Look what we did locally in 2017!

Thanks to your support this past year, Lincoln continues to grow stronger and smarter. I’m grateful that you re-elected me in May to help enact our forward-looking agenda. Check out some of the things we’ve accomplished together:

Picture of Leirion

What have we done this year?

Recycling – In early 2017, we reached a compromise solution to increase recycling in Lincoln. Thanks to this, we expect to see significant improvement in our city’s recycling rate in years to come – progress that will help the environment and extend the life of our landfill.

Dollar Sign in Lightbulb

Budget Transparency

As part of the same compromise package that achieved recycling progress, I authored legislation that improves our budgeting process. These changes are designed to give the Council and public more time with the budget, set clear guidelines for how it is rolled out by the Mayor, and reduce partisan conflicts.

Open Data Portal

Open Data

Early in 2017, with help from What Works Cities, we publicly launched our Open Data initiative, complete with a web portal. This initiative increases government transparency and creates opportunities for civic engagement and economic growth.

Police Lights

Public Safety

While keeping our promise to shield homeowners from the full impact of property valuation increases, we funded six new police officers and new fire trucks and engines – a successful, bipartisan effort to help keep our growing community safe into the future.

State Capitol

Anti-hate Resolution

In response to events across the nation, the Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of tolerance, inclusion, and diversity – encouraging citizens to speak up when they see acts of bullying or discrimination.

Pioneers Park

Environmental Action Plan

In December, after years of work from city staff, community task forces, and almost five months of public input, the Council passed the Lincoln Environmental Action Plan (LEAP) – a roadmap for our future as we seek to do our part as good stewards of the environment.

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Leirion for Lincoln
1932 S 24th St
Lincoln, NE 68502
Leirion for Lincoln ·

1932 S 24th St · Lincoln, NE 68502 · USA

1-14 – Wachiska Audubon

Join with Wachiska Audubon on Thursday, January 11, at 7:00 p.m. for a free public lecture and discussion led by  Ken Winston, director of policy and outreach for Nebraska Interfaith Power & Light, at the Unitarian Church, 6300 A Street, in Lincoln. Nebraska is just beginning to scratch the surface of solar energy development. Ken will talk about recent developments in solar energy in Nebraska and areas for potential expansion as well as related legislative issues. For further information call the Wachiska office, 402-486-4846.

FIELD TRIP: Winter Treasures – Meet members of Wachiska Audubon at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 14, in Lincoln on the south side of the Capitol at 15th and H streets across from the governor’s mansion and caravan or carpool 60 miles to Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge and Carter Lake to see common redpolls, snowy owls, red crossbills, and trumpeter swans. Dress for some winter hiking and bring a water bottle and binoculars if you have them. There is no fee and the public is welcome. If you have questions, call John Carlini at 402-475-7275.

2018 Tours – Cranes and Prairie Chickens



Please note the sign up deadlines -keith —–

The Pioneers Park Nature Center invites the public to participate in two bird-themed wildlife viewing trips in spring 2018:

A Sandhill Crane Day Trip is scheduled from noon to 10:30 p.m. Friday, March 9.  Space is limited, and the registration deadline is Friday, February 9.

Participants will meet at the Auld Pavilion in Antelope Park and travel to the Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center in Wood River and the Iain Nicolson Audubon Center at Rowe Sanctuary in Gibbon.  The group will view and hear the cranes from a viewing blind as they arrive on the Platte River.  The trip will also include periodic stops along country roads to view cranes as they feed and dance in the fields.

Sandhill Cranes are among the world’s oldest living birds and have traveled through Nebraska for centuries.  They are dependent on an 80-mile segment of the Platte River for a four- to five-week stopover because of the food and protection in the area.  The cranes come from as far south as Mexico and will travel as far north as eastern Siberia to raise their young.  Over half a million Sandhill Cranes will make their way through Nebraska this spring.  Some of the best viewing is at sunset when the cranes flock by the thousands to spend the night at the river.

The program fee is $85 and includes transportation, dinner and viewing blind reservations.  If the trip is cancelled, the $25 reservation fee for the viewing blind is nonrefundable.  Participants must have the ability to walk uneven trails in low light.

A Greater Prairie Chicken Multi-Day Tour is scheduled for Friday, April 13 through Sunday, April 15. Registered participants will receive details about departures, arrivals and other activities.

Participants will experience the booming and dancing of the greater prairie chicken and sharp-tailed grouse during tours on the Switzer Ranch near Burwell. The event is hosted by Calamus Outfitters and includes bus transportation, two nights lodging, guided tours and meals.

Greater prairie chickens are a vulnerable species with declining numbers due to prairie habitat fragmentation and loss.  Today, the populations of greater prairie chicken are isolated to the mixed grass prairies of the central U.S.   Preservation and restoration of prairie habitat have been successful at stabilizing population numbers.

Known for their mating dance, greater prairie chickens display together in a gathering called a “lek.”  The male prairie chickens raise their ear tuft feathers, inflate the bright orange air sacks on their necks and stomp about to attract females.  Similarly, the sharp-tailed grouse will display or dance to attract female grouse to their dancing grounds.

The program fee is $500 per person for double rooms, with single rooms available for an additional $75.  Registration and a $250 deposit are required by January 5 (includes non-refundable $50 fee).  The remaining balance is due by March 1.  The deposit, minus the registration fee, is refundable until January 5.  The paid balance, minus the deposit, is refundable until March 1. An optional jeep tour of the Switzer Ranch is available on Saturday for an additional $50 per person.

To register, or for more information, contact the Nature Center at 402-441-7895 or  More information on the Pioneers Park Nature Center is available at

14 Foods NOT to Give Your Dogs and Cats Over the Holidays

14 Foods NOT to Give Your Dogs and Cats Over the Holidays

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Turkey, chocolates, and punch, oh my! With the holiday season drawing near, chances are your house will be filled with all kinds of delicious and tantalizing food. While we’re trying to watch our weight, we also need to pay attention to the foods we give our pets. Below are fourteen holiday items that you should avoid allowing your dogs or cats to have. Some of them might surprise you!






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