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Oct 26 – Medicare – Crisis Summit for Seniors

Raybould Campaign to Host Crisis Summit for Seniors in Omaha

Leader McConnell and Senator Fischer Ready to Slash Social Security & Medicare. Raybould: We Must Act Now.

A vote for Senator Fischer is a vote to kill retirement.” The fate of Social Security and Medicare are directly tied to the election on November 6. 

LINCOLN, NE – In response to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s outrageous comments calling for the slashing of Social Security and the complete disruption of Medicare, hail mary attempts to address the ballooning deficit he and Senator Fischer created, Jane Raybould is organizing a “Crisis Summit for Seniors” to build a coalition and organize efforts to stop the shredding of the social safety net.

“Aging Nebraskans, whether they depend on this programs today or will depend on them in the near future, have every right to be alarmed and incredibly upset. Leader McConnell and Senator Fischer have given us yet another peak behind-the-curtain of their plan to give the wealthiest individuals and huge multinational corporations a tax cut while crushing the middle class and anyone hoping to retire with dignity,” said US Senate candidate Jane Raybould.

She added, “If you are among the one-percent of Nebraskans who will never have to worry about saving for retirement or making ends meet in the face of exorbitant health care costs, then you have no reason to worry. To everyone else and to those who know and love the rest of Nebraska’s population: We must act now. The fate of Social Security and Medicare are directly tied to the election on November 6. A vote for Senator Fischer is a vote to kill retirement.”

Raybould has made the protection of Social Security and Medicare a centerpiece of her campaign. As Nebraska’s next U.S. Senator, Raybould is committed to fighting Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s attack on the programs that allow Nebraskans to retire with dignity.

The event will be held in Omaha on Friday, October 26. Time and location forthcoming.


Media contact: Brandon Weathersby

Nebraska Medicaid Vote

Even well-off Seniors may need Medicaid one day. Please vote yes.



Beginning Monday, October 8, Schneider Electric will begin replacing close to 27,000 of the City’s outdated high-pressure sodium and metal halide streetlights with light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures.  Installation will begin on arterial and collector streets, and the project is scheduled to be completed in one year.  Residents can find updated project schedules at (keyword:  led).

According to Frank Uhlarik, Sustainability and Compliance Manager for the City, the $12.2 million project is designed to improve safety and provide significant annual savings attributable to lower energy and maintenance costs. Under the City’s contract with an Energy Savings Company (ESCO) such as Schneider Electric, the energy and maintenance savings are guaranteed by the ESCO to help pay for the streetlight upgrades.


“We’re excited to further our commitment to sustainability and save taxpayer dollars,” said Mayor Chris Beutler.  “We will use the cost savings on this project to pay for the improvements, and then we’ll invest them in other important initiatives to make our community safer and more attractive to residents, businesses and visitors.”

Converting street lights to LED technology is one of the energy strategies identified in the Lincoln Environmental Action Plan, which was approved last year.  Uhlarik said the LED conversion project offers the following benefits:

  • LEDs offer improved light quality to improve visibility and safety.
  • LEDs are highly energy efficiency, which reduces energy consumption and the environmental impact.
  • LEDs have a longer lifespan compared to traditional street lamps, reducing maintenance costs.
  • LEDs improve aesthetics by creating a more uniform lighting experience throughout the City.

Uhlarik said the City will install two different LED fixtures, depending on location and function.  The two fixtures have different Kelvin numbers, which is the measure of color temperature emitted by a fixture. “Based on resident feedback regarding brightness, the lights installed in neighborhoods will be 3000 Kelvin, which appear to be less bright than the 4000 Kelvin fixtures installed on arterial streets,” he said.


Uhlarik said the LED conversion project will also have a positive environmental impact on the community by reducing the City’s annual kilowatt hours by 10.7 million and removing 3.9 million pounds of carbon from the atmosphere. This is equivalent to planting 180,891 trees or removing 1,224 cars from the road.  Additionally, Schneider Electric will recycle a majority of the materials from the existing street lights.

“We are proud to help the City of Lincoln undertake this critical infrastructure project that will dramatically improve safety for City residents and make a lasting positive impact on the environment,” said Tammy Fulop, Vice President, Schneider Electric.  “At Schneider Electric, we are committed to helping municipalities in the Midwest and beyond achieve their vision for infrastructure improvements and sustainability without burdening local taxpayers.”

For more information on the LED conversion project, visit (keyword: conversion) or contact Uhlarik at or 402-441-7588.  For more information on Schneider Electric, visit

Oct – Three activities sponsored by Wachiska Audubon

  1. Fall 2019 Birdseed Sale.  Order deadline with payment due September 27.  Order form at or call office at 402-486-4846.  Seed pickup during listed times, October 5-6 at 14th & Arapahoe Sts. (between Van Dorn & Hwy. 2).
  2. Thursday, October 11, 7:00 pm – FREE  “Pollinators, Plants, and People: What We Can Do for Each Other” presented by RaeAnn Powers, NRCS and Xerces Society.   Lincoln Unitarian Church, 6300 A St.  Refreshments follow.  Parking is free, with overflow parking in Pius High lot across the street to the west.  For information: or 402-486-4846.
  3. Saturday, October 13, 8:00 am – FREE  “Salt Marsh Surprises” field trip to Little Salt Fork Marsh Preserve.  See unique species found in rare remaining saline wetlands.  Public is welcome.  Preserve is 5 miles north of Lincoln.  Meet at 8 am in parking lot, half mile west of N. 1st St. and Raymond Rd. intersection.  Recommend mosquito-proof clothing and insect repellent.  Bring water bottle; and binoculars and waterproof footwear, if available.  Questions:  John 402-475-7275.

Sept 8 – Flute Salad.  It’s a flute festival !

Saturday, September 8th at 5pm is a concert event named Flute Salad.  It’s a flute festival at the First Methodist Church, 50th & St Paul, near the Wesleyan campus.  The 5pm program is a culmination of flute ensembles across the state of NE coming together for our first flute festival here in Lincoln NE.
Approximately 50 flutists are expected to make up the flute orchestra, to include piccolo, standard C flutes, alto, bass and contrabass flutes.  Coro di Flauti, Lincoln’s flute choir, will host the event.
Thank you for your consideration,
Becky Grote, Coro di Flauti



Fischer On The Side Of Her Campaign Donors In Lawsuit To End Protections For People With Pre-Existing Conditions

LINCOLN, NE – Sen. Deb Fischer is making it harder for Nebraska’s families to get the health care they need. With key protections for Nebraskans’ health insurance at stake, Fischer is siding with her party bosses and corporate campaign contributors and jeopardizing the real lives of Nebraskans living with pre-existing conditions from asthma to diabetes to heart disease — even pregnancy.

Twenty attorneys general from around the country, including Nebraska, are suing the federal government to deem the remaining aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) unconstitutional and end protections for patients with pre-existing medical conditions.​ In June, the Department of Justice declined to defend key provisions of the law — including protections for patients with pre-existing medical conditions. According to the Department of Health & Human Services, roughly 770,000 Nebraskans have a pre-existing health condition and Sen. Deb Fischer has refused to protect them against the latest attack on their access to quality, comprehensive health care.

“Since the age of 30, I’ve lived with asthma and thankfully, I’m able to keep my condition under control because of modern medicine. I know many families who struggle with this same disease and live in fear of losing their coverage and having to pay out-of-pocket, or worse. If this lawsuit is successful, hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans could be denied health insurance based on a pre-existing condition. We can’t afford to go back to a time when health insurance companies could deny individuals coverage because of a pre-existing condition like asthma or diabetes,” said Raybould. “Sen. Deb Fischer is so embedded with corporate special interests that she’s turned her back on Nebraskans just so health insurance and health care corporations to shape the law to benefit themselves. She’s gone completely Washington and the $200,000 in campaign donations she’s received from lobbyists and others associated with the health care industry are the reason why.”

Before protections enacted by the health care law, Nebraskans could be labeled by insurance companies as having a pre-existing condition — and subsequently denied health insurance — for:

  • ●  Asthma
  • ●  Pregnancy
  • ●  Obesity
  • ●  Organ transplants
  • ●  Cancer
  • ●  Multiple Sclerosis
  • ●  Alzheimer’s Disease
  • ●  Anemia (Aplastic, Cooley’s, Hemolytic, Mediterranean or Sickle Cell)
  • ●  AIDS or ARC
  • ●  Cerebral Palsy (infantile)
  • ●  Cirrhosis of the Liver
  • ●  Congestive Heart Failure
  • ●  Cystic Fibrosis
  • ●  Diabetes
  • ●  Dialysis
  • ●  Hepatitis (Type B, C or Chronic)
  • ●  Muscular Dystrophy
  • ●  Parkinson’s Disease
  • ●  TuberculosisThe term “pre-existing condition” is purposefully vague and allows insurance companies to come up with their own lists of uninsurable conditions.

    To date, Sen. Fischer has refused to stand up for Nebraskans and speak against the lawsuit or call on the Department of Justice to defend the crucial provision of the health care law that protects individuals with pre-existing conditions.

    “Nebraska deserves better. This state doesn’t need a senator who is more aligned with the corporate special interests who shower them with campaign cash. We need a senator who will answer the call of each and every Nebraskan to put their interests first,” concluded Raybould.


A grocery store owner and faithful Catholic, Jane Raybould knows what it means to serve her community — to put community before self. She is running for the United States Senate to cut through the partisan bickering and get things done for Nebraskans, like her customers. Jane boldly announced she would refuse donations from corporate PACs because she knows the special interests hold too much sway in Washington. Her opponent, incumbent Senator Deb Fischer has enriched herself in office and voted with her party 98% of the time — even when those policies are harmful to Nebraskans.

Paid for by Raybould for US Senate.




WHEN: Sept. 6-8, 2018

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a weekend of festivities Sept. 6-8.

The three-day celebration will include a number of events for alumni, industry partners, faculty, students, staff and stakeholders to enjoy. Most events are open to the public, and select ticketed events are open to those who register online by Aug. 20. Attendees may register for the entire weekend or select specific events to attend.

The celebration will kick off at noon Sept. 6 at Nebraska Innovation Campus with a luncheon and panel discussion among previous department chairs, an industry open house, tours of the Schorr Center, a barbecue on the department’s original Ferguson Hall grounds and a seminar with featured speaker Eric Brown, director of foundational innovation at IBM Watson Health.

Events will continue on Friday with lectures from alumni and a formal dinner reception. The reception will honor new Hall of Computing inductees Tom and Rhonda Peed, founders of Sandhills Publishing. The evening will also include a keynote speech from Lee Redden, chief technology officer and co-founder of Blue River Technology.

Festivities will conclude Saturday in the Haymarket with a tailgate party before the Nebraska vs. Colorado football game on the Nebraska Global building rooftop.

For more information and to register, visit


University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Office of University Communication

1217 Q St.

Lincoln, NE 68588-0218

Telephone: 402-472-2211

Fax: 402-472-7825

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