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Lincoln NE – Turn Lane Arrows – Traffic Signal Guide

Understanding the Signal for Your Turn Lane – The Arrows explained – Traffic Signal Guide –

Solid red arrow: STOP. No turns allowed. Do not enter the intersection to turn. Stop and wait until the signal changes.

Flashing yellow arrow: Yield, and turn when safe. Yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians in the crosswalk; then turn. See back to learn more.

Solid yellow arrow: Prepare to stop. The signal will soon be red for turning traffic. If legally in the intersection, wait for a safe gap in oncoming traffic to complete the turn.

Solid green arrow: Turns allowed and protected. Turning traffic has the right of way. Oncoming traffic and pedestrians are stopped.

—- City of Lincoln Department of Public Works and Utilities. For more information, visit .

Safer, More Efficient Turn Signals. The City of Lincoln is upgrading its traffic signals and timings to enhance safety and traffic flow on major streets. As a result, intersections are using different arrow signals for turning traffic. Understanding the Signal for Your Turn Lane At many major intersections across Lincoln, arrow signals are used for both left and right turns. Studies show that arrow signals provide clearer instruction and result in fewer crashes.

Flashing Yellow Arrow: Turning Left

City of Lincoln

Yield, Then Turn

When turning left on a flashing yellow arrow,

drivers must yield


oncoming traffic and pedestrians in the crosswalk before turning.

Oncoming traffic


has a green signal and the right-of-way.

Flashing yellow arrows replace the traditional green ball when

turning left. A national study showed flashing yellow left-turn

arrows are more understandable to drivers. Lincoln’s upgraded

signals give drivers more opportunities to turn left and traffic

engineers more options to keep traffic moving at different

times of the day.

When turning left, if you get a flashing yellow arrow, remember:

pposing traffic always has a green signal and the right-of-way.

2. Always watch the signal for your turn lane  . . . not the signals or traffic in other lanes.

3. Pay attention!

» The order of signals changes depending on time of day and traffic conditions.

» Green arrows can occur before or after oncoming traffic.

4. Some intersections do not have green arrows based on traffic needs.

DID YOU KNOW ?  Flashing yellow arrows… were approved for use by Federal Highway Administration in 2006 reduce left-turning crashes by up to 25% minimize travel delays by providing more turning opportunities. Green Light Lincoln uses new traffic signal equipment, smart technologies, and new timing plans to improve safety and traffic flow on major streets. Visit

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The Safest Cars for Seniors

This is a great article. Please read it all here.
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(…) I wasn’t able to back it up and look to see things behind me. My neck doesn’t turn as well as it used to, and my peripheral vision is not as good as it used to be, either.”

(…) There have never been so many senior drivers on the roads as there are today and their numbers are growing: in 2015, there were 50% more drivers over age 65 than there were in 1999, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

With these large numbers comes an increased need for vehicles that make driving easier while keeping seniors– and other people on America’s roads – safe. The good news is cars have never been safer than they are today. The bad news is with so many cars on the market, the process of finding the right one can be daunting.

A Place For Mom | Find Assisted Living | Resources Connecting Families to Senior Care
Call a Senior Living Advisor 866-333-2174

Lancaster County Treasurer – Request a Vehicle Quote

If you are requesting an estimate on the cost to register your vehicle, please make sure that you enter your home address and the vehicle information fields. These are needed for property tax & sales tax calculations. The VIN is extremely important but not absolutely necessary for a rough estimate. Fields left blank may affect your quote. We will normally get you a response within one business day of receipt of your request. Responses after 4:30 pm, on weekends or holidays may take additional time

Source: Lancaster County Treasurer – Request a Vehicle Quote

The 15 Most Expensive Luxury Items – BabaMail

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The people who can afford these things have probably got more money than sense, because the items listed here are so incredibly expensive, I feel anxious even looking at them. So, just what are the most expensive items in the world? Some of these things will really surprise you.

1. Most Expensive Object Ever: International Space Station – $150 Billion

Source: You Need to Be Ridiculously Rich to Buy This Stuff | Baba Recommends – BabaMail

12 Springtime Activities for Seniors

There’s just something so rejuvenating about spring. Whether it’s the birds chirping, flowers or sunshine; spring does wonders for the senior soul.

Springtime is a favorite season for seniors because many of them are retired and have spent the winter being cooped-up indoors.

See all 12 – –> Source: 12 Springtime Activities for Seniors

6. Eat outdoors at a fancy restaurant.
7. Visit a nursery.
8. Go on a picnic.



This is a Long post with lots of details.              

Mayor Chris Beutler today said the record pace of street construction, repair and maintenance will continue this year, with a goal of adding 2.6 miles of new arterials, 10.3 miles of arterial improvements and 427 blocks of residential rehabilitation.  And he said the “Lincoln on the Move” initiative is helping to build a “leading edge” community.  (A list of the major projects follows this release.)  
“Our transportation network is fundamental to the future of our City,” Mayor Beutler said.  “It’s how we will keep moving Lincoln ahead economically, moving Lincoln forward to maintain livable neighborhoods, moving Lincoln in the right direction on safety and convenience, and moving Lincoln to the top of those national lists for our business climate and quality of life.”
Beutler said the City’s transportation team uses smart planning and communication to coordinate the large amount of both public and private construction activity across the community.  Miki Esposito, Director of the Public Works and Utilities Department, said the work begins months and even years ahead of construction.
“There are many steps and many people involved in that planning and coordination,” Esposito said.  “We explore whether the project requires more than one construction season; which stakeholders, utility companies, institutions or agencies need to be informed of the project; when is the proper time for construction; and how the project impacts other transportation movements, closures or detours in the City.”
Esposito said a weekly “huddle” meeting brings the City transportation team together with utilities and private entities to look at all the projects under way.  They look at closures, detours and whether different types of work can be done at the same time.  The huddle group also coordinates the public information needed for the projects.  For the current 16th Street project, for example, the City mailed 380 letters, distributed over 200 door hangers, held public meetings, partnered with the neighborhood association, installed message boards and updated information on the website.  Beutler and Esposito encouraged the public to stay informed on construction activities by visiting (keywords: projects and closures)

Another example of coordination, Esposito said, is the restructuring of right of way management, consolidating all the functions into a single unit.
“Most people drive, walk or bike every day without realizing the huge underground infrastructure network beneath them — water lines, fiber optic, gas pipes, electric lines, phone, cable and more,” she said.  “When construction occurs, it is necessary to locate all of that underground infrastructure in order to avoid hitting them. The new cross-trained team takes advantage of asset management software to map what is located underground and share that data with both the City team and the private sector.”
In addition to street work, the City will also be working on other infrastructure projects including sidewalk repair.   (A list of the major projects follows this release.)  
Through our Green Light Lincoln program, we are upgrading traffic signal systems with smart technology that keeps traffic moving more safely and efficiently,” he said.  “Our right of way team is helping private contractors install miles of new fiber optics to bring high speed broadband service to every business and home across the community.  It all comes together as ‘Lincoln on the Move,’ our program specifically engineered to get Lincoln residents – as well as goods and services – where they need to go safely and conveniently.”


·      11th Street water main replacement from “O” to “Q” streets
·      N. 10th Street over Salt Creek north of Military Road – bridge replacement and new sidewalk with trail connection
·      14th and Superior roundabout – permanent safety improvements
·      S. 27th Street water main replacement from Laurel to Calvert streets and from Woods Blvd. to Kessler Blvd.
·      N. 27th Street rehabilitation from Holdrege Street to Fletcher Ave.
·      27th Street interchange at Interstate 80 – bridge and concrete repairs
·      16th Street reconstruction from “A” to “F” streets
·      “D” Street water main replacement from 12th to 20th streets
·      20th and Calvert streets drainage system replacement
·      Jackson Drive/Woodsdale Blvd. from 27th to 29th streets –  drainage system rehabilitation
·      S. Coddington and W. Van Dorn intersection safety project – construction of single-lane roundabout and new sidewalks
·      33rd Street from Holdrege to Madison – road rehabilitation and storm drainage improvements
·      Fletcher Ave. water main replacement from 56th to 60th streets
·      Superior Street rehabilitation from 27th Street to Cornhusker Hwy.
·      56th and Morton drainage improvement project – channel widening and replacement of box culvert
·      Adams Street wastewater pipeline installation from 41st to 42nd streets
·      Fremont Street water main replacement from Touzalin Ave. to 70th Street
·      56th and Colfax drainage improvements
·      Cleveland Ave. water main replacement from Cotner Blvd. to Leonard Street
·      98th Street and Boathouse to “O” Street and Anthony Lane – wastewater pipeline installation
·      Anthony Lane wastewater pipeline installation from “O” Street to YMCA Spirit Park
·      S. 44th Street wastewater pipeline rehabilitation and replacement from High Street to Antelope Creek Road
·      44th Street drainage improvements from Calvert to High streets
·      84th and Old Cheney bike path underpass rehabilitation
·      Old Cheney rehabilitation from  40th St. to Hwy. 2
·      Normal Blvd. rehabilitation from South to 56th streets
·      South Sumner wastewater pipeline rehabilitation and replacement from  Normal Blvd. to 40th Street
·      Jefferson Ave. wastewater pipeline rehabilitation and replacement from Ryons to Garfield streets
·      Beal Slough trunk sewer installation from 33rd to 56th streets
·      Yankee Hill Rd. reconstruction and widening from 70th Street to Hwy. 2 and installation of roundabouts

555 S. 10th Street, Lincoln, NE  68508, 402-441-7511

Gift Item – Nebraska Calendar

The second calendar in the three-part limited edition “Collector’s Series” is now available. It features extraordinary new masterwork paintings by native Nebraskan,

Todd Williams, in his quest to paint a historically related subject representing each of Nebraska’s 93 counties in honor of the 150th year of statehood. Order yours now!


(includes sales tax, shipping & handling). 

Introducing the second of three “Painting the Legacy of Nebraska” official calendar for 2017 – Sesquicentennial Collectors Edition.

17 – Sesquicentennial Collectors Edition.

Source: Merrick Foundation

From the artist collection shown here.

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