Cable Television Advisory Board

City of Lincoln Telecommunications/Cable Television Advisory Board Meeting Minutes – August 9, 2018

Charter/Spectrum Report – Blake and Imig presented the Charter/Spectrum report. The company is rolling out their new “Spectrum Internet Gig” service. No data caps or contracts; delivered by coaxial cable; available for residential and small business customers.
PEG channels have been upgraded to HD, process completed yesterday 8/8/18.
The company will be increasing their minimum wage to $15 by year’s end. Lamm asked how many employees Charter/Spectrum has in Lincoln. Blake said that statewide it’s 350-375, he is not sure how many are in Lincoln.

Allo Report – Ben Kiser passed around a Construction Map. He said that Allo is on pace to have most of the construction by the end of the year. They are ending the phase where they will be disrupting in yards. Kiser said that Allo is recognized nationally for Internet speeds. Allo is now AWS Direct Connect certified; they can connect local businesses to AWS cloud.
Zygielbaum asked about the schedule for full buildout. Kiser said it’s a four-year schedule, should be completed in 2019.

Windstream Report – Hedrick said that Windstream released their Second Quarter results this morning (8/9/18); their stock has gone up about 29% from yesterday. They offer two cloud-based services.

keith seez – Windstream reports to the stockholders??? This is Not a progress report for Lincoln.



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