Apr 10 -11 – Compose Your Life Song℠

It’s comforting for seniors and their adult children to know that plans are in place for the final years of life. Talking through those plans helps seniors and their children feel prepared and responsible. Despite this, seven out of eight seniors are not planning ahead and those who do are not sharing their plans and wishes with their families.

Home Instead Senior Care discovered this troubling gap in a recent survey, which found that a variety of factors keep seniors and their children from talking about the final years of life and making plans for care. Those factors include thinking about not being able to care for themselves, fear of upsetting other family members, and recognizing they are not prepared, but not knowing how to begin.

With that in mind, Home Instead Senior Care serving Lincoln developed Compose Your Life Song.  This freecommunity program will help seniors and their adult children start the conversation around final years planning.  To help the local community navigate this uncomfortable but necessary topic, Home Instead Senior Care of Lincoln is hosting two free workshops, Tuesday, April 10th 6-8 PM and Wednesday April 11th 9:30-11:30 AM.  “Please RSVP by calling 402-423-8119.”

The program features resources that encourage seniors and their adult children to talk to one another about their plans and to explore their options.

Resources are available at www.ComposeYourLifeSong.com.

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