Leirion for Lincoln · Year in Review 2017

Look what we did locally in 2017!

Thanks to your support this past year, Lincoln continues to grow stronger and smarter. I’m grateful that you re-elected me in May to help enact our forward-looking agenda. Check out some of the things we’ve accomplished together:

Picture of Leirion

What have we done this year?

Recycling – In early 2017, we reached a compromise solution to increase recycling in Lincoln. Thanks to this, we expect to see significant improvement in our city’s recycling rate in years to come – progress that will help the environment and extend the life of our landfill.

Dollar Sign in Lightbulb

Budget Transparency

As part of the same compromise package that achieved recycling progress, I authored legislation that improves our budgeting process. These changes are designed to give the Council and public more time with the budget, set clear guidelines for how it is rolled out by the Mayor, and reduce partisan conflicts.

Open Data Portal

Open Data

Early in 2017, with help from What Works Cities, we publicly launched our Open Data initiative, complete with a web portal. This initiative increases government transparency and creates opportunities for civic engagement and economic growth.

Police Lights

Public Safety

While keeping our promise to shield homeowners from the full impact of property valuation increases, we funded six new police officers and new fire trucks and engines – a successful, bipartisan effort to help keep our growing community safe into the future.

State Capitol

Anti-hate Resolution

In response to events across the nation, the Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of tolerance, inclusion, and diversity – encouraging citizens to speak up when they see acts of bullying or discrimination.

Pioneers Park

Environmental Action Plan

In December, after years of work from city staff, community task forces, and almost five months of public input, the Council passed the Lincoln Environmental Action Plan (LEAP) – a roadmap for our future as we seek to do our part as good stewards of the environment.

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