June 19 – Eclipse Expert at Hyde Memorial Observatory


Hyde Memorial Observatory invites the public to attend a free presentation by eclipse expert Dr. Kate Russo Monday, June 19 at UNL. The event begins at 7:30 p.m. at Henzlik Hall, 1430 Vine. The event is part of Hyde Memorial Observatory’s 40th Anniversary celebration. Nebraska will be one of the best states to view the solar eclipse on August 21. It will be the first total solar eclipse seen in the U.S. since 1979.

Russo is an author, psychologist and eclipse chaser who has seen 10 total eclipses worldwide. She has published three books on eclipses and her latest, “Being in the Shadow,” will be released June 8. Her presentation will provide a detailed understanding of what it is like to experience a total solar eclipse and why it is of interest to everyone.

Hyde Memorial Observatory opened in Holmes Park in 1977. It was built with funds from private contributions and donated to the City. The observatory is one of a few in the U.S. dedicated entirely to public viewing through telescopes and astronomy education. It is staffed by volunteers from Lincoln’s amateur and professional astronomy community. The observatory is open every Saturday night throughout the year, and admission is free.

Information on Russo is available at beingintheshadow.com, and on Facebook at @beingintheshadow. For more information about the Hyde Observatory and eclipse information, visit hydeobservatory.info.

Source: Hyde Memorial Observatory | Your Window on the Universe


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