Lincoln Arts Council : Events : Mayor’s Arts Awards : 2017 Award Winners : Dean Settle

A proud Day coming for Dean Settle

Dean Settle

Heart of the Arts Award

Recognizes an individual or organization for outstanding volunteer dedication to the arts or for making a major overall impact on the arts in Lincoln.



About Dean

Marshalltown, Iowa native Dean Settle retired after 51 years of managing large systems of behavioral  health services. One week after retiring, he opened METRO GALLERY in downtown Lincoln, which features affordable fine art, rental art and painting repair.

Special ongoing interests include supporting outsider artists and working families to resolve art left in estates. Settle enjoys community involvement by supporting arts organizations, social clubs and church events of all kinds.

He has been recognized for his leadership in Mental Health with a number of professional awards. Says Settle, “I continue to voice concerns of the outliers in our community. I am comfortable being an advocate for citizens in need. Elected officials need information to make good decisions. Lincoln is a strong and vibrant city due to leadership, our manageable size, a strong economy, and the many excellent not-for-profit organizations making a difference every day in our collective quality of life which includes the arts.”

Source: Lincoln Arts Council : Events : Mayor’s Arts Awards : 2017 Award Winners : Dean Settle


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