1950-60s Easter Decorations



My family ran a Ben Franklin store in Atlantic Iowa from 1955-1990. Mom and Dad had a way of making life a little special for everyone. For our customers, Mom decorated their chocolate Bunnies with frosting and tiny pre-made candy eyes and flowers. Green icing was for the grass and to hold the flowers and she added two dots of frosting to hold the eyes. Then Mom would add a lacy frosting necklace or decorate a paw. Of course the child’s name was written in cursive – icing the letters across the length of each chocolate treat.
I don’t believe there was an extra charge for her artistic touch but I know we sold more bunnies at our store than anywhere else. I think this is the nicest thing about owning your own business. You can work as much as you want and add services as much as you want to make people as happy as you can. Viva la small business owners of this world. They are the heart and soul of our truest nature.


In the off season, some of us (5 siblings) would find the stowed away candy eyes and flowers in the store room. Temptations were great for the “five and dime” kids. We would pick “just a few” candies to try and soon find ourselves eating them two or three at a time right off the wax strips where they were stored. I guess having kids is also a part of owning a small business. 




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