Mike Osborne on Dad (Tom)

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.Mike Has Examples to Prove His Point

Yes, Mike Osborne sees a balance between his dad’s tough side and his gentle side. “If a person’s greatest test in this life is to try to understand this world and love his fellow man as God does, then I think my dad has succeeded as well as any person has,” Mike said before offering the following examples to prove his point:

  1. Going for two in the 1983 National Championship (1984 Orange Bowl) when a tie would have secured his first national title
  2. Founding the TeamMates Mentoring Program after witnessing the dissolution of the American family in his recruiting trips over the years
  3. Working against allowing alcohol advertising for athletic events
  4. Passing up two NFL head coaching offers to remain an influence in more impressionable young people’s lives
  5. Attending Seminary while playing pro football
  6. Helping former players, including loaning them money and expecting nothing in return
  7. Enduring scathing criticism of the national media during the Lawrence Phillips controversy
  8. Refusing pay greater than the highest paid academic position at UNL while he was head coach
  9. Reading his Bible at the beginning of every day
  10. Giving financial gifts and tithing to the church
  11. Pointing out to each freshman football class that only one on average will have a career in the NFL, so they better take their class work seriously
  12. Trying to make time for anyone who seeks him out
  13. Enduring the frustration of Congress for six years when he could have been fishing
  14. Traveling near and far to speak to youth, church groups and business men and women about values and integrity, even when he is “dead tired”
  15. Refusing to take Nebraska Lottery money to support the TeamMates Mentoring Program
  16. Striving for 22 seasons before winning a National Title, and then not changing one bit …
  17. Refusing to take his head coaching salary as an annual pension from the Athletic Department after retiring
  18. Refraining from swearing and yelling to motivate players (“I did hear him say ‘Crap’ at practice one time, but he denies it.”)
  19. Stopping on the Interstate to pull a driver from a burning car when no one else would go near it
  20. Refusing large corporate and individual donations to his political campaigns
  21. Never complaining even privately about being the lowest paid athletic director in the Big 12 or the Big Ten (“My mom did all the complaining on that one)
  22. Harboring no ill will toward his boyhood hometown voting for someone else (I do the harboring on that one. Just kidding. I still love Hastings)
  23. Teaching Sunday School many times on top of working 80 hours a week
  24. Turning over the head coaching reigns despite being at the top of his game in order to honor a promise he’d made six years earlier
  25. Doing the dishes after dinner even after a long day at the office

via Mike Osborne on Dad: ‘Tough but Giving’ – Huskers.com – Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site.

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