Be a Snow Angel for Seniors


Mayor Chris Beutler today encouraged residents to volunteer to shovel snow for someone who can’t through the new Snow Angels program.

“Every year, we hear from residents who are unable to remove the snow from their sidewalks on their own,” Beutler said.  “Some are elderly or disabled.  Many do not have relatives or friends they can call on for help.  Some have health conditions that make shoveling snow dangerous for them. Public Works and Utilities has stepped up to fill a need, this time with the help of Lincoln’s faith community.  The result of this collaboration is a program to link volunteers willing to shovel snow with residents who need the service.”

Individuals or organization wishing to volunteer for snow removal as part of the program may sign up online at (keyword: snow).   Those who need the help can find volunteers near their home online or by calling 402-441-7644 during regular business hours.

“It’s likely we will have many people requesting assistance, so I want to strongly encourage residents to consider volunteering for the Snow Angels program,” Beutler said.  “Perhaps your church or faith community, your service organization or your family could make this a project.  We need your help to make Snow Angels a success.”

Aging Partners also has a program to provide snow removal for low-income elders.  Funds from the Lincoln Cares donation program are used to pay the workers through the Aging Partners Home Handyman Program.  For more information, visit (click on “housing”) or call 402-441-7030.


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