Love and Merry Christmas e-book

Welcome! Our Bluestockings Writers Group is very excited to bring you a collection of short holiday stories we hope will warm your heart this season!

Six selections are featured within Love and Merry Christmas e-book and, we think, go perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate or a chilled eggnog beverage.

Read on to check out more information about the individual stories, our contributing authors and purchase information.

If you would like to request any additional information, please feel free to email us with your request!  Happy Holidays!

Linked via Bluestockings Books.

Keith, our little writers’ group (ages range from 30-something to 70-something –me– with most over 50) decided we weren’t doing enough actual writing.  So we set ourselves a goal:  each person; one Christmas story by September .  What a surprise to have 6 lovely stories appear to go through our editing process.  On deadline!  We edited, picked cover art, and published as an e-book on Amazon by November.   We’re calling ourselves Bluestockings, since a bluestocking is”A woman with strong scholarly or literary interests.”

We write romance, and what could be better for a nice holiday read?!   Our book, LOVE AND MERRY CHRISTMAS is available on Amazon for download to IPad, computer or Kindle.
I would just love it if you could mention our e-book in 55+.  It shows what determined writers of “a certain age” can accomplish. And that it’s never too late for writers or romantics.
The stories (6) range from snappy modern to surrealistic to western.  We are retired, attorney’s assitant, chemist, web page designer, children’s fiction editor.

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