Grandparents Day is September 9th – Here is a Guide

Grandparents Day is September 9th this year and it’s a time when grandparents are recognized for their love, care – and in many cases – their commitment to being a positive influence in the lives of their grandkids. At The Partnership at <>

we know that research shows that kids who learn about the risks of drugs and alcohol use are up to 50 percent less likely to use than those who do not get that critical message at home.

Recognizing that grandparents often play an important role in a child’s upbringing, we created the Grandparents Guide



a new, bilingual (English/Spanish) online tool designed specifically to help grandparents play an active role in keeping their grandchild safe and free from drug and alcohol use. The Grandparents Guide offers tips and tools for grandparents to stay connected with their grandkids on this important health issue, provides current research and information on the latest drugs of abuse among teens and gives grandparents the steps they need to take action if their grandchild is struggling with addiction.


1. The Power of Grandma and Grandpa .
2. It’s All About the Grandkids .
3. Ten Tips for Communicating With Your Grandchild .
4. Spending Time Together .
5. Grandparents Getting “Tech-y” .
6. Learning About Drugs and Alcohol – and Talking About Them With Your Grandkids .
7. Understanding Teen Abuse of Prescription Drugs .
8. Knowing Your Grandchild’s Risk Level .
9. How to Help If You Think Your Grandchild is Using Drugs or Drinking .
10. Grandparents Who Are Raising Grandchildren (As the Primary Caregiver)
11. Snapshot: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
12. Grandparents Play Many Roles
13. Experts Weigh In
14. Snapshot: Grandparents Today .
15. Snapshot: Teenagers Today
16. Resources for Parents and Grandparents .
17. Acknowledgments .



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