Ten natural ways to make today a spa day

My Sister in Law is a rep for Young Living Essential Oils. She shared the following list of ideas with me, and I thought it would be a great idea to share. -Keith

Source: Ten natural ways to make today a spa day – Zephyraina

1. Let the birds wake you up. There is nothing harsher to the body and mind at rest than the piercing shrill of an alarm clock to wake it out of its restorative sleep. The penetrating sound of a noisy alarm can start the day off on a stressful note… and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet! Open your window and tune yourself into the soft hum of natural bird sounds in between 5 to 6am. The sounds and vibrations of the birds at this hour are positive subliminal frequencies that can balance your energy system. Rub your favourite Young Living Essential Oil Blend on the souls of your feet – before you get out of bed in the morning.
2. Take a morning walk. It is said that the morning dew holds a special frequency that can revitalize your energy field, especially if you walk on the dew-ridden grass. The other benefits of the morning walk are that it can lower your stress level before you even get started for the day. It also gives you a chance to organize your thoughts, plan and visualize your day. Whether it is a morning walk, at lunchtime or during the evening hours, getting your body moving for at least 30 minutes at some point in the day supports your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system needs movement to do its job of detoxifying the body. Along with delivering more oxygen and increasing cardiovascular circulation, mobilizing lymph by movement is one of your best daily treatments.
3. Put music on. Set the mood you want to create for the day by choosing music to play in the morning as you get ready for your day. Play party music if you want a fun day, soothing music if you want a peaceful day, or classical music if you need to do a lot of thinking during the day.
4. Stretch in the shower. Hot water in your morning shower can loosen up muscles so it is easier to get a good stretch. Muscles that are stretching are using more oxygen and create more circulation just by the simple fact that they are in motion. Rub Young Living’s Morning Start Shower Gel, with peppermint oil, all over your body to cleanse and uplift the body during your morning shower or bath.
5. Eat a balanced breakfast. Eating right in the morning is another way to set the tone for the day. Your endocrine system (the part of the body that helps to handle stress) gets the right message and fuel to deal with the stress that it will have to handle. Protein and complex carbs are the way to go in the morning! Try Young Living’s Balance Complete; this superfood meal replacement is both a powerful nutritive energizer and cleanser. Whole NingXia wolfberry powder, nutrient-dense brown rice bran, and a wide assortment of superfoods deliver 11 grams of V-Fiber™ per serving and a balanced, complete, and nutritionally dynamic meal.
6. Journal and Set Goals. Recording thoughts, intentions, and results is a good thing to do at the beginning, and end of your day. Create your “to do” list for your chores, your self-care, and even include the positive thoughts you want to think!
7. Clear desktop clutter. Clearing clutter from your workspace and environment can help clear the clutter of the mind. It can enable you to become more creative and productive. Take 3 to 5 minutes to clear your work environment of clutter. Breathe and be happy in the process of your day – remember it’s the journey, not the destination.
8. Enjoy family and friends in the evening, and put the television aside. Take the time to tell someone close to you that you care about them. Sharing community projects or just joining together for the purpose of being together is a healthy way to wind down your day. Spending quality time with loved ones is a good way to reinforce your reason for being. Do something to improve the global environment. Plant a flower or tree, trees suck up carbon dioxide and make clean air for us to breath. Whether it’s about you being important to someone or someone being important to you, sharing time together from the heart and hearth is balancing for the soul.
9. Take a Home Spa bath. There is no better way to end the day than to soak in your private tub filled with bubbles, salts, or special oils. Immersing your body in water (a shower can be just as effective!) can help to clear the events of the day from your aura and relax the body. This naturally relaxes the mind and it’s a great segue to a sound restorative sleep.
10. Use essential oils to help your day and night. Essential oils can allow you to take the spa experience into every moment of your daily and nightly routine. Not only do they create an aromatic environment, but the actions of essential oils, can support a healthy mental and physical state, and promote wellness all over the body.
Reference: Young Living Essential Oils

A Dog’s Purpose (2017) – IMDb video 2:29

This video story about Dogs Lives is delightful. Take a moment. -keith —–>  – Directed by Lasse Hallström. With Britt Robertson, Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton. A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.

Source: A Dog’s Purpose (2017) – IMDb

City of Lincoln & Lancaster County

City of Lincoln Contacts The Citizen ACTION Center is the best place to report problems. Look for the link called – City Service Request. It’s on the City home page at http://lincoln.ne.gov/

Or https://www.lincoln.ne.gov/aspx/city/action/default.aspx

LINCOLN CITY COUNCIL – Leirion Gaylor Baird, Chair, At Large; Trent Fellers, At Large; Roy Christensen, Vice Chair, At Large; Jane Raybould, Southwest District; Jon Camp, Southeast District; Carl Eskridge, Northwest District; and Cyndi Lamm, Northeast District. 555 S. 10th Street, Room 111, Lincoln, NE 68508 402-441-7515, council@lincoln.ne.gov MAYOR CHRIS BEUTLER – 555 S. 10th Street, Room 302, Lincoln, NE 68508 402-441-7511, mayor@lincoln.ne.gov
Economic Development – Mike Lang Ombudsman – Lin Quenzer Cleaner Greener Lincoln – Frank Uhlarik DEPARTMENTS/DIVISIONS
Aging Partners – Director Randall S. Jones – 402-441-7070
Building and Safety – Director Chad Blahak – 402-441-7521
Citizen Information Center – Manager Diane Gonzolas – 402-441-7831
Development Services Center – Manager Chad Blahak – 402-441-3444
Finance Department – Director Steve Hubka – 402-441-7411
Health – Director Judy Halstead – 402-441-8001
Human Resources – Director Doug McDaniel – 402-441-7597
Human Rights Commission, Equity and Diversity – Director Kimberley Taylor-Riley – 402-441-8691
Law – City Attorney Jeff Kirkpatrick – 402-441-7281
Library – Director Pat Leach – 402-441-8510
Parks and Recreation – Director Lynn Johnson – 402-441-7847
Planning – Director David Cary – 402-441-7491
Public Works and Utilities – Director Miki Esposito – 402-441-7548
Public Safety – Director Tom Casady – 402-441-7071
   Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister – 402-441-7237
   Fire Chief Micheal Despain- 402-441-8350
Urban Development – Director David Landis – 402-441-7606

The official website for the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska. Some of our services include: interactive maps, live mainframe look-up, live TV broadcasts, permits and forms, and imaging of documents. Source: InterLinc: City of Lincoln & Lancaster County

Sept 14-17 Lifeboat by OmniArts nebraska

Set during WWII, LIFEBOAT is a psychological thriller that tells the story of several survivors of a torpedoed cruise liner who find themselves stranded in the same lifeboat with one of the men who sunk it, a German sailor.

This adaptation will feature a stark scenic installation, with the actors confined to an undulating platform of a “boat.”  Through their confinement and desperate circumstances, dramatic tension builds, suspicions run high, relationships are tested, and lives are changed forever.

Tickets: $16 for General Admission and $12 for students and seniors.  Visit http://www.omniartsne.org,

call (402) 435-6943 or email omniarts.nebraska@hotmail.com

Purchase Tickets online!

Click here to meet the survivors of LIFEBOAT… 

The cast includes Sarah Gibson, Kenyon Koenig, Mark Feit, Jessie Porter, Amber Nore, Jesse Snider, Daniel Kubert, Tim Peglow, and Bret Olsen.  The production is stage managed by Anthony Delaney.

OmniArts Nebraska

Source: OmniArts nebraska

Senior Living Cost Planner


The Cost Index draws on our large database of families that have moved into senior living and assisted living homes between 2012 and 2015. It is the only free data source of its kind.

Use A Place for Mom’s Senior Living Cost Planner to learn about the cost of senior living in your area.

Source: Senior Living Cost Planner

Oct 3-6 Elders for the Earth retreat at Nebraska’s Mahoney Park

Elders for the Earth:
a Retreat in the Spirit of Chautauqua

A multi-day interdisciplinary gathering including fellowship, lectures, music, the arts, being in nature and even some fun in the midst of the climate crisis. Oct 3-6 Only $110 includes some meals.

  • When you leave the gathering you will have been:
    Intellectually challenged … by area experts about the reality of climate change
  • Inspired by community … meeting old and new friends who have similar concerns …
  • Touched emotionally … with the empowerment of positive action
  • Well fed … spoiled with as much local and regional foods as we can get
  • Exposed to new ideas … through a variety of workshops for the brain, heart and body
  • Surrounded by meaning and fun … music, laughs and a nap or two tucked in as needed
  • Energized … by hiking the beautiful trails around Mahoney State Park

Details at the Source: Dates and Schedule


Speakers include:

  1. Dr. Donald A. Wilhite is a Professor Emeritus of Applied Climate Science in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, U.S.A. He recently served as the lead author of the 2014 UNL study, Understanding and Assessing Climate Change: Implications for Nebraska, and co-organized 8 sector-based roundtables on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies for Nebraska in fall 2015. Both reports are available at http://go.unl.edu/climatechange.
  2. Senator Ken Haar represents District 21 in the Nebraska Legislature. First elected in 2008 and again in 2012, this will be his final year in the Legislature. His focus over the last eight years has primarily been to support the development of renewable energy, combat climate change and support education.
  3. Chuck Hassebrook is Vice President for Project Development of Sandhills Energy, based in Valentine, NE, where he is leading developing of utility scale solar projects in the western Great Plains. Prior to joining Sandhills, Chuck Hassebrook served for 36 years with the Center for Rural Affairs and 18 years as a Regent for the University of Nebraska.
    Chuck is a University of Nebraska graduate and native of Platte Center, where his family has farmed for more than a century. He lives with his wife, Kate, in Lyons, where they are active in Bethany Lutheran Church.
  4. Nancy Williams began the practice of agriculture at an early age; first as a 4-H member in elementary school then as an FFA member in high school. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Louisiana State University then studied Weed Science with a minor in Plant Pathology at Cornell University.
    Nancy has diverse experiences in agriculture, from serving as an agronomist for local farmers and entrepreneurs in a Fortune 500 corporation to grassroots organizing and management for nonprofit community organizations.
  5. Susan Whitfield serves as the Director of Operations. Susan holds a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) from University of Nebraska at Omaha and a BS from University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. She assists in development of innovative and collaborative efforts focused on No More Empty Pots’ strategies to build a regional food system that fosters economic resilience and sustainable food system. Susan Whitfield | Director of Operations, No More Empty Pots.
  6. Kim Morrow is passionate about finding smart, compassionate, and community-based solutions to the environmental challenges of our time. An ordained minister, Kim’s passion for healthy ecosystems led her to combine social justice with climate change and sustainability work in a variety of settings in Nebraska. She currently works as a Senior Associate at Verdis Group, where she helps to create sustainable solutions that help organizations flourish.
  7. Jane Kleeb is President of the Bold Alliance—a network of small but mighty groups working in rural states to protect the land and water. Starting in Nebraska, Bold now has a team on the ground in Iowa, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Kleeb was a key leader in the fight against the Keystone pipeline, earning her the nickname of “Keystone Killer” by Rolling Stone because of her fierce organizing skills. Kleeb believes unlikely alliances are needed to fight climate change. Bringing farmers ranchers, fishermen and Tribal Nations to the table—especially given their livelihoods are most at-risk with climate change—is a at the core of everything Bold does at the local and state level.
  8. John Pappan’s parents were born on the Omaha nation homeland in Macy NE. He is of Omaha and Pawnee heritage; a descendant of Chiefs and Healers including Henry Fontenelle brother to Logan Fontenelle. John has been active in cultural ceremonies since age 12, Native American church and sweat lodge. He is a pipe carrier and community leader as co-Founder of Big Elk Native American center in Omaha, NE.

    Contact Us
    e-mail: Elders4theearth@gmail.com
    Telephone: 402-431-2338

How politics got started. August 28, 2016 on GoComics.com

One of the many great comics you can read for free at GoComics.com! Follow us for giveaways & giggles.

Source: Non Sequitur Comic Strip, August 28, 2016 on GoComics.com


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